Wednesday, 31 October 2012

SS13 trends: Are you a minimalist or a maximalist?

Spring Summer '13 was divided right across the board in terms of cut and texture.

The minimalism movement of the last few years has very much been fronted by big names such as Jil Sander, APC and Celine.

This summer, Jil Sander's cocoon coat of Autumn Winter '12/13 instantly became a cult classic - the minimal approach makes it a bold statement, and painfully chic. This theme continued into the Jil Sanders SS collection - the burgundy, white and black pieces in a classic cut and simple texture a prime example of timeless style.

Above: Jil Sander AW12/13 cocoon coat

Above: Jil Sander SS13 runway collection - burgundy, white and black cotton

Celine in particular has always been known for minimalism - not just texture but also with colour palettes. This is offset by cut - usually big, bold and modern, but still very sleek. The Celine SS collection was no different, with smooth silk and supple leather, it was very much leading the way for the minimalist texture trend. The beautiful grab bags are undoubtedly going to be the next 'it' bag.

Above: Celine SS13 runway collection - silk and leather

Above: Celine SS13 simplistic leather grab bags

In the opposing team (for maximalist shapes and textures) was Chanel, Alexander McQueen and Givenchy.

Alexander McQueen took texture to the extreme. McQueen has always been a fan of shock tactics, and this collection displayed that.  Big texture was so prominent, it almost felt the whole collection was based around it. Huge 3D florals and ruffles engulfed the models, and harsh beekeeper-esque visors toughened up the cascades of chiffon.

Above: McQueen SS13 runway collection - 3D florals and beekeeper masks

Chanel's take on texture was more wearable - dainty beading, pearls, glitter and chiffon petals took the trend into super-girly territory. Delicate yet bold, Chanel's looks varied from tough and gothic, to sweet and pastels, making the collection a beautiful, eclectic mix of genres. However, the maximalist texture remained throughout, keeping a sense of fluidity with each new piece.

Above: Chanel SS13 runway collection - mesh, pearl polka dots, floral embellishment, glitter & chiffon petals

Article by Mary Platts

Ellie Ellie Wears.. For Him!

Calling all male Ellie Ellie fans! We are proud to present your brand spanking, new, ultra-manly, super-masculine outfit inspiration! Can you tell we're excited?? Here at HQ we thought it was oh so cruel of us to be flaunting all our fab cufflinks at you without giving you a bit of help with what to wear with them.. so here you go. This week featuring Ellie Ellie's super spectacular Spiderman Cufflinks

Suit - River Island
Shirt - Our Legacy
Shoes - East Land (via Peggs and Son)
Cufflinks - Ellie Ellie

Sunday, 28 October 2012


Hello everybody!

As we promised here is our JP inspired nail art. Jayne's Spring/Summer '13 collection was both modern and tribal, with blues, beiges and whites, so we've tried to incorporate that as much as possible!

The 'feature' nail (The black and white striped one) was based on the nail art used on the models showcasing the collection.

(Above JP's nail art)

 We used blue and gold to do the middle of the leopard print on the other nails, as we felt those colours complimented Jayne's clothes, which you can see here.

Above is the selection of nail varnishes we used (along with an Ellie Ellie Vintage Letter Tile Ring!)

The leopard print effect was done using a curby grip, pulled open so the rounded end can be used as a dotting tool. 

After applying the base colour, do random multi sized dots (with your blue, gold, or colour of choice) over the nail leaving plenty of space in between. 

You then use the other rounded end of your  hair grip to do black 'c' or full circle shapes around the dots. Don't worry if the 'c's or circles don't look perfect - a leopards spots are far from it!

After letting it dry, apply a top coat.. and voila! Leopard nails!

The stripes were achieved by using good old fashioned masking tape.

First, wait until your base coat is dry. Then cut thin strips from the masking tape, making sure they are long enough to go over the entire nail and onto your skin (you will need these excess 'tabs' to pull the tape when finished).

Place the masking tape strips onto the nail in the pattern you desire. Paint over the masking tape (we have used black, but any colour will work!), making sure the gaps between each strip are fully covered.

Once this layer of varnish is dry, pull the strips away slowly. Use a curby grip to fill any gaps, or remove any smudges (you can do this by dipping the rounded head of the curby grip in nail varnish remover and wiping over the smudge).

Paint over with a clear topcoat, and you're done!
Hope you liked are first nail art post - there will be more to come! 

Saturday, 27 October 2012

Spring Summer 2013 trends

Here at Ellie Ellie HQ, Christmas has been on our minds since June (what with preparing for orders, shows, new products..), so can we be blamed for looking forward to next seasons trends already? Over the next couple of months we will be bringing you a trend-by-trend guide to planning your spring summer wardrobe - but for now, here's a quick lineup of what to expect..

- Print (yes, still!), but this time in the form on gingham, dogtooth, stripes and digital patterns.

- Sporty. The Olympics have left their mark!

- Texture.. Extreme (including 3D flowers!) vs minimalism.

- Bomber jackets x pencil skirts (an odd combo, but we promise, it works!)

- Oriental. The trend continues from Autumn/Winter 12

- Pastels are still huge (including hair!)

- Cropped. Trousers, jackets, tops, you name it, it's cropped.

- Trainers. With everything. Really. We mean EVERYTHING.

- Punk/ goth/ grunge, mainly in the form of mesh. Sounds scary, but is actually pretty beautiful.

We will be bringing you guys outfit posts, what to buy and inspiration posts on all of this and more. Keep your eyes peeled!

Monday, 22 October 2012

Ellie Ellie Wears..

It's almost Halloween! Here at Ellie Ellie HQ we are getting into the spirit (or should that be ghost..? Sorry - that was terrible..) of things by channeling one of this seasons biggest trends: Gothic. We have given the look a girly spin with the peter pan collar on the dress - just to make sure it's far from Fancy Dress territory! Ellie Ellie's Sixpence Necklace looks gorgeous next to the silver buckles on those boots!

Dress - Oh My Love 
Tights - Henry Holland
Boots - ASOS

Happy Trick or Treating!

Wednesday, 17 October 2012


Our Vintage Letter Tile Necklace has been spotted on blogger Meg Lea Isabelle from the Lovecats blog. We think she's styled our jewellery beautifully! You can find her blog here. If you think you can style our jewellery any better, or fancy featuring a giveaway on your blog, let us know at

Comic Crazy!

It started out as a Micro Trend. An ironic jumper, a one off. But now, it's big news. COMICS. Release your inner geek - it's happening. And you need to get involved.

Comic book and knitwear both by Philip Lim

It was Philip Lim that did it. First came the instantly recognizable and infinitely iconic 'crying girl' jumper. Then came the 'Ka-Pows'. Then came an actual real-life fashion-ized comic book, beautifully illustrated and full of beautiful clothes.  Was this some genius plan, formulated by Lim to appeal to our inner nerd? Or is in fact, Lim himself, a secret comic book addict? I don't care but I love the result. LOVE IT.

Both dresses by Lazy Oaf

And apparently the celebs love it too. Cheryl (Tweedy? Cole? I can't keep up) and Little Mix are both huge fans of the trend. Streetwear brand Lazy Oaf are well ahead of the game with their affordable take on this look.

Little Mix in Lazy Oaf, Shoes by Chockers, Tee by H&M

The trend has already trickled down to the high-street ready for your take on this iconic style. And if you're snapping up any of these pieces, Lim or H&M, why not co-ordinate the man in your life? Ellie Ellie's Upcycled Comic Crazy range is just perfect.

Cufflinks by Ellie Ellie

Ellie Ellie Wears...

The Autumn/ Winter runways were telling us you can wear sequins in the day - and the perfect accompaniment for this rock chick look is our tasty little Upcycled Music Sheet Pendant.

Skirt - Topshop
Tee - Miss Selfridge
Boots - River Island


Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Ellie Ellie features on The Kittens Whiskers

Ellie Ellie is delighted to announce a mini collaboration with blogger Laila from The Kittens Whiskers. Laila has styled our sixpence necklace to perfection, and is working with Ellie Ellie on a giveaway competition to win their very own Lucky Sixpence necklace! Check out her fab blog ASAP - you won't regret it. We think her vintage-chic style reflects Ellie Ellie's love of up-cycling down to a  T!

Keep your eyes peeled for more blogger collaborations!

Ellie Ellie sponsors Jayne Pierson at LFW!

This year at London Fashion Week, Ellie Ellie had the honour of sponsoring the talented Welsh designer Jayne Pierson.

 Pierson's 7th collection was showcased at an invite-only film for the Spring Summer '13 season. The collection, inspired by Huxley's iconic novel 'A Brave New World', was an eclectic mix of primal details presented within her futuristic designs. The strong silhouettes and varied textures made this collection one of the most striking at LFW, in our humble opinion..

 The Ellie Ellie team especially loved the futuristic nail art that accompanied the clothes - definitely a look we will be DIY-ing!

Ellie Ellie's Up-cycled Notebook and pencil was included in Jayne's gorgeous goodie bag, below. 

We are proud to be part of something so fab!

Ellie Ellie wears...

Here we have the first instalment of 'Ellie Ellie wears..'. Every week Ellie Ellie HQ will treat you lucky ladies and gents to a gorgeous outfit based around one of our fab pieces of jewellery. Occasionally you might even see one modelled on one of our team! 

This week features our gorgeous Little Red Riding Hood Up-cycled Storybook Pendant

Top - Miss Selfridge
Skirt - River Island
Boots - Dr Martens 

Ellie Ellie featured in Vogue!

We are proud to show you Ellie Ellie's very first feature in Vogue! Our keyboard cufflinks graced the same pages as Rihanna in last years November issue. To the writers at Vogue; We've come far in a year - don't forget to check out our newest collections at!

Ellie Ellie at London Fashion Week PREVIEW

A sneak peak of an upcoming blog post!