Friday, 25 September 2015

Exhibition alert: Su Blackwell

At Ellie Ellie, we pride ourselves on our sustainability. So we were utterly fascinated when we discovered paper artist and book sculptor Su Blackwell. Taking this idea to a whole new level, Sheffield-born Blackwell creates mesmerizing, intricately detailed, three-dimensional artwork from antique books and paper.

Her new exhibition, Dwelling, is currently at the Long and Ryle Gallery in London until 9th October. You you can expect to see three-dimensional sculptures of tree houses, cottages, and lighthouses hat tell their own story, all cut and glued from pre-loved novels and storybooks.

While some are made simply the black and white pages of text from fictional storybooks such as Blackwell's favourite Alice in Wonderland, others have a burst of colour, like this flower arrangement cut from A Field Guide to Wild Flowers in Britain.

Blackwell has also been involved with several commercial projects, using her steady hand to create exquisite work for set designs, book covers, editorials and turning to art-direction for advertisements.

Head over to her website for her full portfolio, and we'd really recommend going to see her work in person to be fully transported into a fantastical paper world!

Sunday, 20 September 2015

Farthing Coin range!

You might be familiar with our lovely, ever-popular Sixpence products, and we're super excited to introduce our new Farthing Birthday Coin cufflinks! Available for 60th, 70, 80th and 90th birthdays, they are a fantastic idea for a milestone gift.

Did you know that the farthing ceased to be legal tender back in 1960? It would be wonderful wear a little bit of history and feature a iconic set of British coins - they look great matched with a favorite shirt or outfit, adding a touch of classic charm and nostalgia for those who remember using them!

Friday, 18 September 2015

Jeans for genes day!

The annual fundraising event that aims to support and improve the lives of children with genetic disorders is now in its 20th year! Funding Genetic Disorders UK, Jeans for Genes Day continues to be a great way of bringing everyone together to raise money and awareness - changing the world for children and families affected.

Schools, workplaces and nurseries all get involved and come up with new ways to raise money!

There are lots of limited edition t-shirts, denim bags, pins and badges available on the official Jeans for Genes website, so you can look the part while donating money to the charity!

What have you been up to for Jeans for Genes day today? We'd love to see your fundraising ideas!

Wednesday, 16 September 2015

For the Social Media guru...

We're right in the middle of Social Media Week - in London there are currently conferences, workshops, and special guest speakers involved in the technology and developments that allow our generation to use online platforms to share, engage and discuss!  

Do you know a Social Media guru? Our stunning Computer Key Social Media cufflinks are the perfect gift for the man who has everything, whether he's always scrolling through Facebook, tweeting or searching for the latest hashtags on Instagram.


And for any man soon hitting birthday milestone, look no further than the Computer Key Milestone Birthday cufflinks!  Available from ages 18 to 90, they're a great way to celebrate and a super memorable gift, with an optional engraved message on the back too!

Sunday, 13 September 2015

Social Media Week!

Social media has completely changed the way we communicate with each other on a daily basis. There so many ways to connect and keep in touch with friends, family, or anyone around the world! Social Media Week, running from tomorrow in London, explores the developments and ideas in social media and how it effects everyone from society as a whole, to small businesses like us at Ellie Ellie! For the full schedule and list of events, head over to their official website.

We are delighted to be using several Social Media platforms (including this blog!) to connect with our lovely customers. Between our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts, we have over an amazing 7,000 followers! Be sure to check them all out for behind the scenes of all the goings on in and outside of HQ!

Friday, 11 September 2015

Flashback Friday - office bake off!

Now halfway through of the newest series of Great British Bake Off and we've been tuning into every episode, have you?

If you follow us on Facebook or Instagram, you might be aware that we've had a few of our very own bake-offs at Ellie Ellie HQ. SO we're taking a look back at the best (and yummiest) moments..     

Last Christmas, the team individually baked snowflake cookies, reindeer cupcakes, and even a gingerbread house!

...and here are the winning star bakers with their fantastic creations!

At Easter, we all rolled up our sleeve and got involved once again, competing for the best bake prizes! Featuring chocolate eggs, bunnies, and white chocolate fingers...


Taggie and Lindsay's bakes were crowned best looking and best tasting -  an indulgent layered chocolate cake, and surprise on the side Victoria sponge!

 Which bakes are your favourite?

Our new 'Bakers gonna bake emoji mug' is also a firm favourite for all those star bakers out there!

Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Off to uni - Good Luck gift guide!

Going to off to uni is an exciting experience even if a little daunting, so if you know someone who's starting university soon, whether it be a daughter, son, friend or neighbour, why not give them a little gift of encouragement for their new adventure?

Our beautiful British Idiom jewellery holds lovely optimistic messages, so when its worn, the new student is reminded of its meaning! From lucky clovers to a key to success, these are the ideal gifts to inspire achieving goals as well as celebrating their achievements!

Sometimes starting uni can mean moving to a brand new place. And home is still very important, so our Personalised Map range is designed to capture cherished locations, or making memories in a new one! A double-sided keyring or Map personalised cufflinks can show two locations, or add as many charms you like to a cluster pendant! Add an engraved message to the back too, perhaps with the date that the new terms starts or when moving day comes! The possibilities are endless, and make a fabulous heartfelt gift. 

Sunday, 6 September 2015

Liberty Print: inspiration

Since the world renowned Liberty of London store bought its first printing mill over 100 years ago, their creations have become some of the most iconic and recognisable. The stunning floral designs have inspired furniture, interiors and fashion..and now they've made their way to us at Ellie Ellie!

From Betsy to Emilia's Flowers, we've been influenced by the beautiful designs, and are thrilled with our new Personalised Map Liberty Wrap Bracelet collection!

These bracelets make a beautiful, heartfelt gift, and as they come with a 1m long ribbon you can simply wrap around your wrist and tie - one size fits all! Handmade here at Ellie Ellie HQ, using original vintage maps, your chosen location will look lovely against any of the six charming Liberty print designs you decide to go with!

Which ribbon is your favourite? 

Friday, 4 September 2015

The Big Nibble!

Much to our delight, the Horsham District Food and Drink festival kicks off tomorrow! To launch it, The Big Nibble weekend is back from and packed with more tasty treats than ever! The two day Festival market offers the best local produce, from breads and cheeses to beers and ciders.

For the kids, there is "The Little Nibble" tomorrow, which provides workshops and experiments to get kids eating a healthy and varied diet, with lots of yummy samples to try! We will also see the return of Horsham's best chefs for live cookery classes and demonstrations, so aspiring chefs can take away some top tips or new ideas.

Definitely to go-to event for food enthusiasts this weekend - discover the huge range of street food and fun activities that the town has to offer!

Do you have any local food festivals or markets to recommend? We'd love to hear them!

Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Ellie Ellie Wears - The September Issue

As a new term begins after the summer holidays, we were in the mood for a little take on school uniform for this months outfit inspiration!  The staple piece is none other than the traditional check trouser - this cropped pair from People Tree is a great start to a back-to-school style! Pair it up with a white shirt (maybe with a lace insert sleeve like this one from Sugarhill Boutique to add a bit of luxury) and you have easy to wear, relaxed pieces for your almost-autumn wardrobe. 

For accessories, add a pop of colour with our Artist Pencil Colour Palette Necklace! With the dark and white shades of clothing, a bright red backpack is just the thing to brighten up the ensemble.  Slip on a pair of comfy pumps and you're all set for another day at the office!

Trousers - People Tree
Shoes - Beyond Skin
Necklace - Ellie Ellie
Backpack - Grafea
Keyring - Ellie Ellie
Stud Earrings - Ellie Ellie