Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Ellie Ellie for Nepal!

Our thoughts and prayers have been with the people and families in Nepal, suffering from the worst earthquake seen in decades.

We are helping to raise money for the relief efforts by giving 100% of proceeds from each sale of our wishbone stud earrings to the Nepal relief effort.

Buy a pair of our wishbone studs for £10 and we will donate all money raised to the Nepal Earthquake Appeal.

Find the wishbone studs here:

Please help us do all we can to help those suffering.

Sunday, 26 April 2015

Our Top Spring Picks!

Now that we should be well into the warmer weather, you'll need some ideas of what you need to make the most of Spring! Including seasonal colours, accessorising and how to make the most of stepping outdoors after a cold Winter!

We've chosen our Top 5 Spring Picks we love and think you will too:

Our new enamel mug, bowl and plate is a must have! Perfect for picnics with the whole family, outdoor treats and scrumptious hot chocolate!

We love nothing more than getting outdoors and flying a kite as high as possible! This traditional diamond kite continues to be one of our favourites!

These artist pencil spring green studs are ideal. In a bright green they are a necessity for your Spring wardrobe!

This lovely enamel tea can is a great way to transport your beverage of choice to an outdoor garden party or picnic! 

Friday, 24 April 2015

Lend With Care!

At the beginning of the year Danielle stumbled upon an absolutely fantastic website which helps entrepreneurs get their businesses off the ground.

Lend With Care is a brilliant way for you to help people throughout the development world transform their future and their business visions.

How is works is simple, many entrepreneurs in developing countries livelihood and families livelihood depends on their line of business and Lend With Care helps them keep their businesses going.

Many entrepreneurs profiles are uploaded to the website, and also the amount of loan they need to raise to make their business successful. You can then donate a chosen amount towards their business loan to help them achieve their goal.

Here's a great video to explain a bit more about how it works:

Not only are you helping business owners and families in developing countries but the entrepreneur also gradually pays back the amount you donate. Once you have donated, you receive a timescale of when you will receive your money back.

This is a brilliant website and revolutionary way to help people in the developing world, that just need a helping hand to keep a business going or expand a business.

Visit the website for more information about lending your support!

Sunday, 19 April 2015

The UK's sweetest signs of Spring

Lighter evenings and blossoming trees - after a cold and brisk winter, with a British Spring comes many things that we all love to see. Why not head out to find as many seasonal flowers, birds nests and baby animals as possible?!

Here's some sure signs of Spring to get you started, do you know what they are?:

..And some others to look out for:

- Hazel catkins
- Snowdrops
- Bluebell shoots
- Elder buds bursting
- Primroses
- Lesser celandine
- Birds building nests
- Bird song
- Frogspawn
- Spring lambs

You could cut down this list to last you a number of country and woodland walks, a great activity to get the kids interested in nature this season!

Friday, 17 April 2015

Ellie Ellie Wears

As we start to adjust to slightly warmer weather, we have chosen a cool, calm and collected look this week - with pastel tones, casual denim, and a subtle touch of silver! Featuring a beautiful hand woven light pink shirt from People Tree paired up with a pair of lightwash jeans - the perfect combination to stay comfy for a day out.

A pair of patent loafers add a lovely touch of luxury, which can easily be dressed up for an evening out too. And don't forget our eye-catching Birds of a Feather Silver Studs - another fresh essence of spring to add to your wardrobe!

Shirt - People Tree
Blazer - Boden
Jeans - Levi
Shoes - Office
Birds of a Feather Friendship Silver Studs - Ellie Ellie
Birds of a Feather Friendship Silver Bracelet - Ellie Ellie
Lucky Sixpence Date Coin Keyring - Ellie Ellie

Friday, 10 April 2015

Crossing the teas project - Volunteer and visit!

It’s no secret that the British love a good cup of tea, but who ever though it was a fact worth exploring to the extent of an art project? From this month until June, ART;sync; a network of creative professionals, are building a collection of memories based purely on the concept of drinking tea.

Funded by The Heritage Lottery Fund, ART;sync have partnered up with several Brighton-based associations to bring us a fascinating study of the tradition that so many of us simply see as an every day part of life! From a cuppa and cake on an afternoon with friends to the celebrations during Iranian New Year, the project involves nine groups of people with varied cultures and backgrounds hosting their very own tea party. The stories captured will then be on display in Jubilee Library from 22nd June until 16th July 2015.  It's also a chance to see some beautiful and historical crockery from around the world, as well as the stories behind them!

Sound interesting? Good news! The organisation, whose vision is to "mainstream cultural diversity in the arts", is accepting volunteers to get involved right now!. They are on the lookout for Memory Collectors, Community Heritage Facilitators, and Photographic Assistants. So if you're handy with a camera, fancy gathering stories or just looking to find out more about the whole idea, head over to ART:sync to find out more!

Sunday, 5 April 2015

Spring into action! What to do and see this season

It's the season of new beginnings and the perfect opportunity for some adventure. So this Spring we have thrown together a couple of activities to keep the kids occupied during half term, and unmissable things to see in the great outdoors:

1) A Scavenger Hunt: Can you spot a squirrel, butterfly, or maybe just different colored leaves? With warmer weather and lighter evenings, all the signs of Spring have sprung and are ready to be found! While learning about the joys of nature, you and the kids will love hunting around to see how many weird and wonderful things you can find! 

If you need more than one scavenger hunt, each child could compete to find the biggest pine cone, or scariest spider! Alternatively you could encourage them to work together as a team.

2) Visit a fun farm: The Easter holidays are a perfect time to spend the day learning about baby animals, or maybe even see one being born! Wouldn't it be lovely to bottle feed a little lamb? Or have a pleasant pony ride through the fields? Many farms also include children's indoor and outdoor play areas for endless fun. Don't miss out on all the activities on offer at your nearest farm!

3) Relax with a hot chocolate: After all the fun and excitement of the day, there'll be nothing better than putting your feet up with a warm drink. Part of our enamel range is the blue trim mug, which is perfect for hot chocolate on a chilly evening. The kids can even decorate theirs with mini marshmallows or some sweet chocolate sauce. The whole enamel range, including a bowl, plate and tea can can be used indoors or for outdoor adventures this Sprin!



Which of these will you be getting up to this Spring?


Wednesday, 1 April 2015

April Fool! We can't infact send you to the Moon just yet!

Did we get you? 

Unfortunately we can't send you to the Moon just yet (but we're working on it)!

Our Love You To The Moon & Back Necklaces are available for all those who would like to be reminded of the possibility of space travel (they unfortunately aren't your ticket to the Moon). Or for those who love their other halves and friends to the end of the Earth! 

Take a look at our Moon Necklace here! 

It is also available in sterling silver and gold, and let us introduce you to our new sterling silver stud moon earrings

Until Next Time! We'll see about that space travel!