Friday, 18 January 2013

The Valentine's Day Dilema.

Valentine's Day is slowly but surely creeping up. It's always a tricky one. If you're lucky enough to be in a relationship you go but two ways- either the whole hog with rose petals and an expensive wine list, or you gloss over it- 'We don't do Valentine's'. Seems to be the general census these days, and the latter is a bit of a shame.

If your single, it's a night with the girls with a nice glass of wine or a nice meal out someplace fancy. And why not? If there's one day a year to slap a smile on someone's face it's 14th February. 

This February will see the launch of Ellie Ellie's much hyped Valentine Collection, as well as it's sister 'Anti-Valentine' range. From thoughtful (dare I say it, romantic) gifts to our fave 'Sister's Before Misters' cards.

Ellie Ellie's best selling 'Sisters Before Misters' card is the perfect little something for your best friends 

Valentine's is no longer just for couples. How old school. Over 34% of the UK are single, why can't they spread a little love too? For too long the 14th February has been hogged by the coupled population. The singles want it back.

Ellie Ellie is well known for friendship gifts, including this uber cute friendship necklace made from up-cycled building bricks. Two necklaces in one; on their own they're a quirky statement, but together they make the iconic heart. Give it to your bestie, she'll love it!

Our Recycled Building Brick Friendship Necklace make a brilliant gift between
 best friends-the necklaces arrives in a sweet branded bag too to seal the deal! 
Ellie Ellie has designed a range to suit all, jewellery and gifts for the man or women in your life, plus a little something to show your girls how much they mean to you. Lads are always difficult to buy for, even if you are an Anti-Valentine there's no harm in a little something just to show you care. He'll appreciate it.

OUR VALENTINE PICK FOR HIM - Ellie Ellie's Vintage Batman Comic Cufflinks.
Everyone needs a superhero, and if you've managed to bag yourself one
 he'll love these! Tipped by Cosmopolitan Magazine as THE gift for boyfriends.

Have a butchers around Go on, spread a little love.