Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Fun Photo Challenge

At Ellie Ellie HQ we love capturing important and funny moments with the camera. We have a brilliant instant camera which means we can make memories and look back at what we've been doing.

Despite every phone now having a camera, moments can still get lost or you can end up taking photos of the same thing all the time.

We have found a great photo challenge for Instagram and photography lovers which many people have created, which gives you a challenge to take a photo everyday of something different. There are so many different ways to do this and you can find one for every month of the year! Think of all the moments you could capture that would have been forgotten about.

Here some we've found for February, with different things to capture every day!

Have a go this February and you'll be able to look back at the unusual and interesting things you took pictures of! It's a great idea to do for the month of your birthday, or a special event, which means you can get a different perspective of that month. You could have a go with a friend and see how different your photos are and print out your photos to make a scrap book!

Have fun!

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