Sunday, 12 January 2014

Post Christmas Deco!

Your house can always feel a little empty after you have taken down all your Christmas decorations, your Christmas tree and Christmas cards. Ellie Ellie have what you need this January to put a little bit of sparkle back in your home after the Christmas season! All it takes is a little imagination and some simple things you normally find in your home.

This is a great piece of wall art, made from used corks, just save up your corks, make a backing for the artwork and stick on your corks, you can make different shaped ones too!

A cheese grater is a family staple and can always be found in the kitchen. This light fitting is a innovative way of making use of an old cheese grater and would it perfectly in the kitchen area.

Although this lampshade looks lovely and pretty, it is actually only made from plastic bottles! This is an example of a great way to get creative and see what you can make from such an easy object, your end result may not look like this but there are many ways in could be done to look great!

An ingenious way to reuse an old rake from the garden to make a wine holder for the kitchen! If you had more time you could paint it as well to match it to the decor and colours in your kitchen!

This is the simplest way to refresh your home in the new year, clean your old jam jars and add some flowers for the prettiest arrangements with a vintage feel on your mantelpiece or windowsill.

What are you doing to your home this January?

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