Sunday, 13 July 2014

Keep the kids entertained on long car journeys!

If you are heading for a British summer holiday in the next few weeks we all know that the dreaded car journey is upon us and the kids have to be entertained. Whether you are headed to Cornwall, Wales, the Lake District or camping in Hampshire there is bound to be a long car journey to conquer first. We've come up with some simple games to keep the kids entertained so you can all enjoy some family fun this summer.

Our hangman and noughts and crosses chalkboard games are perfect for long car journeys, they are a great size to fit into a backpack or in the back of the car, and can easily be played amongst the little ones on the back seat. You could hand our treats for the winner too!

Another great game to play is the good old fashioned eye spy, which means you can get the whole car involved!

The yellow car game is always a fun game and means the kids will be concentrating on spotting the cars. Simply shout 'yellow car' when you spot a yellow car and you get a point, the person with the most points at the end wins.

A great idea is road trip or car bingo, simply print out a number of different bingo cards and everybody has to get a full card as they spot different things. Here are some great examples:

You can even get the kids to colour in this one before you start your journey! 

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