Friday, 28 August 2015

Family Fun Month - Fruit animals!

For the last few days of the school holidays and bank holiday weekend, we thought you might need an idea for how to keep the kids (and you!) occupied. So for our last Family Fun Month post, we've found a fun-filled creative way to encourage healthy eating!

So how you do you make fruit & vegetables more exciting? Easy - make animals and creatures with them first! From banana caterpillars, and apple turtles, there's combinations you never would've known existed.
The recipe is simple:-

- A varied selection of fruit & veg
- Imagination!

It's a fantastic way for children to stretch their imaginations, and make ears and noses out of healthy foods - you can even encourage a bit of healthy competition - who can make the scariest bear or a colourful fish? Maybe the winner gets to eat it all!

We'd love to see some of your fruit creations! 

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